MCC Quetta detects smuggling in garb of steel scrap |

MCC Quetta detects smuggling in garb of steel scrap

KARACHI: MCC Quetta has detected smuggling in the garb of steel scrap and seized smuggled goods worth millions in separate incidents. Collector Quetta Ashraf Ali initiated the process of strengthening internal controls, during the process it transpired that smuggling was taking place in the garb of steel scrap. Subsequently, a piece of information was received that one such vehicle having declared the goods as steel scrap as per the clearance documents was found to be containing zinc ingots, iron and steel rope wires, copper waste scrap, caterpillar road rollers etc worth Rs11.62 million. similarly, another vehicle was intercepted, which resulted in recovery of foreign origin auto parts having value of Rs5.2 million  that were mis-declared as steel scrap. Assistant Collector Chaman was also alerted to the phenomenon who detected mis-declaration to the tune of Rs11.71 million in three vehicles that were presented for clearance as steel scrap but actually found to be assorted vehicle engines and other auto parts, generators and steel pipes. Collector MCC Quetta Ashraf Ali is adopting a holistic approach to plugging any loopholes that might cause any revenue leakage. The incident report has been forwarded to Member Customs, FBR.
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