KARACHI: Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi of Sindh High Court has issued notice to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Customs Appraisement South with directions to adhere to the Rules and Import Policy Order, 2016 strictly in accordance with law.

M/s Mirwaise Brothers Pvt Ltd, Quetta had approached the court submitting that the rules and provisions of Import Policy Order were largely being violated. The Court took up the petition and ordered the authorities to stop violations.

An official said the policy as well as other mandatory laws were largely being violated through green channel and even the requirement of providing mandatory documents were not being followed.

Mis-declaration, under invoicing is going through green channel in an organized manner as if the unscrupulous elements were being patronized, thus inflicting loss to the tune of billions of rupees onto the exchequer.

Around 15,000 GDs are cleared through green channel every month. The importers include commercial as well as industrial importers. An official said according the pattern GDs involving more than four containers were defrauding the exchequer through various methods.

Examination and calling of documents were barred in the name of trade facilitation but it organized the monkey business. Moreover, the importers which are found involved in fraud were protected and the contravention reports against them were withdrawn.

It was reported that irregularities were at peek at Customs Appraisement South and even the collectors at MCC Appraisement East and MCC Appraisement West were helpless because of the so called trade facilitation policy of the chief collector

However, Collector Quetta Ashraf Ali is strictly implementing the rules and provisions of Import Policy Order. An official said strict implementation of rules and laws as well as strict vigilance compelled the importers to move to other collectorates, where leniency was visible. Therefore, the revenue at such strict collectorates declined.