Government allows 2.0 million tons wheat export

KARACHI: The government of Pakistan has allowed provincial government of Sindh and Punjab to export a cumulative of 2.0 million tons of wheat, says a notification issued by the ministry on January 03, 2018.

ECC of the Cabinet considered the Summary submitted by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research regarding export of wheat and wheat products.

Therefore, Punjab and Sindh governments are allowed to export 1.5 and 0.5 million tons of wheat respectively, including wheat products.

As much as 70 percent of the aforesaid quantity for each province is allowed to be exported through sea route at rebate of $159/ton, whereas remaining 30 percent export through land route at rebate of $120/ton. The rebate amount would be equally shared by the Federal Government and the respective provincial governments.

The export of wheat and wheat products should be completed before June 30, 2018, while the export process should be completed up to July 31, 2018, in order to facilitate the exporters for completing their codal formalities.

Provincial Food Departments would devise the mechanism for export of wheat and wheat products and notify the same, under intimation to this Ministry.

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