KARACHI: There are a number of irregularities and violations of rules, laws prevalent at the Directorate General of Customs Intelligence & Investigation-FBR, wherein evasion of government’s legitimate revenue is patronized and officials raising voice against the state of affairs are victimized.

In a very recent instance, Inspector Hamid Habib was suspended and then relieved of duty in clear violation of Supreme Court’s ruling. According to details, Hamid Habib was transferred from MCC Quetta to MCC Peshawar and a case was engineered pertaining to the handing over and taking over the charge to trap Hamid Habib.

A committee was constituted without any lawful authority and jurisdiction to victimize the official and alleging that the charge was not handed over despite the fact the official was relieved by the authorities.

However, Hamid approached the court and judgment in his petition was reserved by the court.

According to a ruling of Supreme Court of Pakistan, no coercive action could be taken against any person if the case is pending before the court of law or the judgment is reserved. Contrary to these established principles, Hamid Habib was first suspended and then relieved of duty on the directives of Director General Customs Intelligence Shaukat Ali.

Sources said Inspector Hamid Habib was a competent official and he did not become the part of lobby that was patronizing smuggling.

Quetta is a very sensitive station as far as smuggling is concerned. Sources said over 50 percent of smuggled goods find their way in the country via Quetta. Customs Intelligence Quetta is operating without an additional director or the deputy director because Deputy Director Inamullah Wazir was transferred from Quetta as he was an honest officer and started working against smugglers.

Dry fruits, spices attract a duty/tax of Rs5.7 million approximately on a 40-ft container.  Akbar Khan is a smuggler and he runs a network of smuggling and manages transportation of smuggled goods to Punjab from Quetta and the container attracting Rs5.7 million is actually released and delivered in Punjab against Rs2.0 million only and this is a guaranteed delivery. These goods are smuggled from Iran.

Sources said rogue elements in Customs Intelligence & Investigation are patronizing this dirty business.

There is a consistent pattern of shuffling officials in the Directorate General of Customs Intelligence and officials with questionable reputation are posted at sensitive posts, all this on the directives of the top Customs Intelligence officer.