Customs Quetta detects revenue evasion of Rs105.325 million on tile import

KARACHI: Customs has detected revenue evasion of RS105.325 million on import of tiled through Custom house Taftan, while both MCC Quetta and Directorate of Customs Intelligence Quetta are claiming the case.

In a letter to Member Customs, Chief Collector Enforcement Manzoor Memon informed that wrong assessment of tiles at Tartan was detected by Deputy Collector Mohammad Ibrahim, Quetta who was looking after the charge of Custom House, Taftan during leave period of Deputy Collector Junaid Mahmood and had visited Taftan.

Mohammad Ibrahim informed about wrong assessment to his Collector who initiated audit of the GDs cleared from Taftan. Based on findings, contravention reports for the amount of Rs.105.325 million were prepared by the Collectorate and forwarded to the Adjudicating Authority on 20-12-2017.

Knowing about the aforesaid detection, the Directorate General of intelligence Investigation-FBR, Quetta also initiated parallel audit and made out contravention reports which were forwarded by, than to the Adjudicating Authority on 24-12-2017.

Memon noted that since it was detection of MCC Quetta and contravention reports were also prepared and submitted by them prior to the Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation-FBR, Quetta, it is therefore, requested to kindly intervene in the matter and advise the Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation Quetta to withdraw their contravention reports; as duplication may jeopardize the cases before legal fora.

Meanwhile, Collector Quetta Ashraf Ali in a letter to Member Customs noted the contravention cases framed by Directorate of Customs Intelligence suffered from legal infirmities.

In view of the above, collector Ashraf Ali requested FBR to constitute a joint committee of the Directorate and Collectorate to determine whether Regulatory duty has been charged on imported tiles or not; the Valuation Ruling issued by the Collector of Customs, Quetta under section 25-A ibid has been applied correctly; whether the data retrieved from Ms. PRAL is reliable for framing contravention cases or not; and whether the Collector is empowered to issue a valuation ruling under section 25-A ibid in light of the Director of Customs Valuation Karachi’s letter.

Sources said both Collectorate and Directorate had the information and both were claiming the case.

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