Judiciary strikes again as Sharjeel Jamal escapes arrest in yet another case

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has lodged an FIR against several accused including Sharjeel Jamal of M/s S.S.J Brothers for evasion of taxes through submitting fake and engineered documents showing under-invoiced and suppressed value of imported goods.

Sharjeel Jamal is nominated in a large number of cases including mis-declaration, under-invoicing, fiscal fraud and switching bill of lading to deprive government of its legitimate revenue and in some cases importing goods banned under the import policy order. However, Sharjeel Jamal via his well established contacts always managed to escape arrest. He is also nominated in over 20 FIRs pertaining to the famous switch bill of lading case against M/s AMI Pakistan.

Nonetheless, this time R&D Customs Appraisement East had planned an arrest, and his file remained in movement for an entire week in a confidential manner, finally it was sent to the Chief Collector for approval of FIR on Saturday and Chief Collector approved the same.

According to the FIR, M/s S.S.J Brothers (SMC-PVT) Ltd imported three consignments declared to be of assorted fabric and garments of Indian origin. Scrutiny found the FoB value declared by the Indian exporter to Indian Customs was many a times higher than the C&F value of $4,829 of the same consignment declared by the importer to Pakistan Customs. The evasion is estimated at Rs8.426 million in this case.

It was also observed that the accused importer in connivance with others attempted to get clear the consignments which includes some of goods which are otherwise not importable from India in terms of Import Policy Order.

However, the information was leaked reportedly from the office of Chief Collector and Sharjeel Jamal secured favor from Court through his counsel Dr. Farogh Nasim. The court granted exemptions and barred the Customs authorities from taking any action adverse to the Sharjeel Jamal without permission of the court.

FIR was submitted to the High Court and after that the Court issued this order, an official said. Sharjeel Jamal is a very influential person and even senior Customs officers were moved on his recommendations. A very senior Customs officer Agha Jawad had detected and pursued the case and since then Agha Jawad was sidelined and the department was deprived of his experiment and competence.

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