Case officer of M/s Digicom (Qmobile) scam transferred to Peshawar

KARACHI: Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation – FBR has notified transfers and postings of appraising officer (AO), intelligence officers (IO) and sepoys of Directorate General with immediate effect.

Accordingly AO Fakhar Ali Shah is moved from Regional Office, Karachi to Regional Office Peshawar. Shah is the man behind detecting and developing the over a billion rupees case against M/s Digicom (Qmobile).

M/s Digicom is nominated in several cases wherein the Qmobile company was found importing and clearing Qmobile phones mis-declaring the same as LED lights and thus evaded legitimate government revenue to the tune of over a billion rupees.

It is said that a deal has allegedly been reached between M/s Digicom and authorities to weaken the prosecution against M/s Digicom. Therefore, Fakhar Shah was transferred to Peshawar.

A trend has been developed in the Customs that officials are transferred to different provinces and officials are being victimized in this manner.

Earlier, Javed Khalid was transferred to Quetta and Raja Wasim was moved to Gilgit-Baltistan after they protested against verbal orders of the Chief Collector, which were in violation of rules.

An official said big companies having good profile having green channel status were abusing this facility and causing huge losses to the national exchequer. It was learnt that smuggling and replacement of transshipment cargo had stopped as green channel facility had solved all the problems of unscrupulous elements.

Now, mobile phones, auto parts and electronics etc are being cleared from the green channel facility in the garb of zero rated and low value goods.

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