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The news item appearing in regarding disappearance of one bullet proof Land Cruiser Cygnus from Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation, Quetta and under performance of the subject office is denied and regretted. apologize on publication of a false news item based on misleading information provided by sources. FC Balochistan has confirmed that the subject bullet proof Land Cruiser Cygnus is in their custody. Furthermore, no investigation in the matter is underway. It is imperative to point out that the Directorate of Intelligence Quetta has shown tremendous improvement in comparison of its previous performance during first four months (July — November 2017). There has been 100.78 percent increase in number of cases/seizures and 66 percent increase in value of smuggled goods by Quetta Intelligence. The increase in revenue has been 326 percent (From Rs 30 million to Rs128.321 million). There have been three major cases against smuggling during the tenure of Director Irfan Javed, i.e. seizure of 22 Trucks of smuggled goods, against a van load of touch screen 950 mobile phones and 220 Kg Charas. Other items seized during July-November 2017 are 167 vehicles 235,000 Liters of fuel, 703 Tyres, 4 Tons of Tea and various other items. is committed to honest and impartial journalism. All the news are aimed at bring better ment in the society.
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