Contravention served on LED lights importer |

Contravention served on LED lights importer

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has served a contravention report on M/s Urwa Traders for attempting to evade legitimate government revenue through mis-declaration of weight and quantity. M/s Urwa Traders imported a consignment declared to be LED lights and bulbs at a declared value of $30,000. The importer determined the liability of applicable duty and taxes. Appraising Officer Naeem Khan contacted the imported and called for documents, which had not been uploaded in the system. However, the importer despite reminders did not submitted the required documents. Instead, M/s Urwa Traders approached Collector Port Qasim Saeed Akram submitting that there was a slight difference in the weight and it did not warrant a contravention. Subsequently, on the directives of Saeed Akram, Naeem Khan scrutinized the consignment and was referred for physical examination. The imported had declared the goods to be small LED bulbs attracting duty of 5.0 percent while the goods were found to be LED lights attracting 20 percent duty. Moreover, the importer had mis-declared the quantity of small bulbs as well as the LED lights to evade government revenue. The facts established that the importer M/s Urwa Traders deliberately concealed the weight of the goods to take an attempt for getting the goods assessed on suppressed value and weight for evading legitimate amount of taxes to the tune of Rs22.205 million. A contravention report has been served on the importer for further procedure.
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