KARACHI: Johar Town Police Lahore has arrested Kamal Subhani, the accused of firing on a Customs officer, after Court vacated his bail.

Customs Intelligence Officer Mian Mohammad Yaseen was pursuing a case of transshipment cargo replacement, in which Kamal Subhani was accused of depriving government of billions of rupees of its legitimate revenue.

Yaseen was investigating the case in FIR regarding pilferage of valuable TP goods with low value goods enroute from Karachi to Lahore in which accused Jamshed Iqbal, Safdar Iqbal, Mohammad Saqlain, Kamal Subhani and Sikandar Subhani are found involved.

Kamal Subhani was on bail under accusations of arranging attack on Mian Mohammad Yaseen, however Yaseen’s son Mian Mohsin was seriously wounded.

Justice Shahbaz Ahmed of Lahore High Court vacated Subhani’s bail, subsequently Police arrested him and was obtained.

FIR had lodged by Customs in TP replacement case. Subhani was nominated in several cases but he wasn’t arrested until as this much influential he is. These culprits are involved in several cases but the FIRs were not lodged and the culprits remained free.

Replacement of transshipment cargo is no new thing and certain elements had been inflicting huge loss to the national economy through this dirty business. Customs authorities took rigorous measures and arrested several culprits.

However, the weak judicial system gave these culprits interim relief in the form of bail and in some cases even the cases were dismissed. This has encouraged the unscrupulous elements to continue with their nefarious designs.

Sources said that it’s a big network and those who are already on bail are involved in the scam. Moreover, the office bearers of mobile market associations are also equally involved in this dirty business.