There has been no embezzlement in confiscated diesel: official

KARACHI: An official at Customs Intelligence Quetta has clarified the facts regarding the seizure of smuggled diesel tankers by Sector Headquarters FC, Quetta.

Six tankers were confiscated by troops ex-sector HQ, Quetta during routine patrolling, which were handed over to Directorate of Customs Intelligence, Quetta. It is clarified by the official that a joint stock taking of diesel had taken place at Sector HQ, and the official proforma was duly signed by one Customs Inspector and  three FC officials headed by Major Sector HQ, Quetta.

The joint stock taking reflected the quantities to be liters 31410, 22145, 31303, 30630, 21211 and 20321 in each respective truck.

Furthermore, Director Intelligence Irfan Javed held a meeting with Sector Commander Brigadier Tasawwar Sattar wherein, for total transparency and impartiality, it was agreed that joint stock taking will be conducted in impugned matters.

It is imperative to point out that FC is the custodian of subject goods and there is no possibility of change in quantity by any other agency.

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