KARACHI: Once again, Customs Intelligence & Investigation has come under allegations of embezzling with the seized/confiscated smuggled goods. Headquarters Chiltan Rifles has expressed concerns over the quantity of diesel reported by Customs Intelligence, which is much less than the quantity reported by Chiltan Rifles.

Six trucks were confiscated by headquarters Chiltan Rifles. Quantity 60,000 litre of diesel was shown in each truck in initial seizure report of headquarters Chiltan Rifles and the same was forwarded to Customs Intelligence Quetta with request to make arrangements for dipping of the trucks so that the exact quantity could be ascertained.

However, Chiltan Rifles has expressed concerns over the dipping performa from Customs showing the quantity of diesel less than half as compared to the seizure report of Chiltan Rifles.

Earlier, FC Baluchistan raised questions over the difference in quantity of plastic bags which were seized by FC and were reported much lower in the seizure reports of Customs Intelligence.

Sources said a Customs Inspector was the custodian of the seized diesel, but he was transferred to Karachi to protect him.

After regulatory duty was imposed and prevailing atrocities in Balochistan, FC and Customs have started a crackdown against smuggling. A large quantity of dry fruits and spices are smuggled in sacks from Afghanistan, the authorities are keeping strict vigil on these means of smuggling as weapons and explosives could also be moved in these sacks.

However, Directorate General of Customs Intelligence & Investigation is operating in the opposite direction patronizing and facilitating smugglers.

The carrier of former directors Tahir Qureshi and Ashraf Ali and other officers of Customs Intelligence are at stake because Director General Customs Intelligence is damaging the ACR of officers.

Competent and honest field officers are being transferred to bad postings while black sheep are being posted at sensitive posts, due to this situation Directors are at a very weak position.

Several officials of Customs Intelligence have lodged complaints and cases against director general for corruption and facilitating smuggling. One close relative of ousted prime minister is said to be supporting Shaukat Ali.