KCAA office bearers call on chief collector enforcement

KARACHI: In order to resolve certain issues relating to exports the office bearers of managing committee of Karachi Customs Agents Association held a meeting with Chief Collector of Customs South (Enforcement) Manzoor Memon, wherein the agenda points submitted by the KCAA was discussed in details.

The office bearers of KCAA were accompanied by the members of the Export Sub-Committee led by its President Faisal Mushtaq, Senior Vice President Mohammad Amin Essani and General Secretary Mohammad Aamir.

The meeting was also attended by Collector of Customs MCC-Export (Karachi) Chaudhry Mohammad Javed, MCC-Export (Port Qasim) Ahmed Mujtaba Memon, Additional Collector-I Export Muhammad Saqif Saeed, Additional Collector-II Export Shafqat Ali Khan Niazi, Additional Director (R&A) Haris Ansari, Deputy Collector Export (PQ) Hannak Baloch, SA to Chief Collector Enforcement Ch. Imran Afzal Lillah, Deputy Director (R&A) Rehan Akram and Senior Manager PRAL Arshad Hussain.

KCAA appreciated the prompt decisions taken by worthy Chief Collector (enforcement) Manzoor Memon in order to resolve issues  being faced by exports sector which is back bone of the economy, KCAA has also advised  that these type of joint meetings where all the  relevant stake holders sits together can fetch results. As enhancing of exports is the only solution to bring down adverse balance of trade of the country.

Memon issued necessary instruction on the spot that there should be one system followed in filing of both FCL and LCL cargo, and Reforms and automation were asked to expedite and finalize Change Request Form.

A long outstanding issue regarding allow for dray off container was also discussed and it was decided that GDs wherein system has allowed loading in Green or loading allow has been granted by Customs after Examination, dray off will be allowed by the Customs immediately and fresh examination will not be created.

Other important matters were also discussed in the meeting, and Chief Collector issued necessary instructions for the issuance of Change Request Form where required, the meeting was concluded with a vote of thanks as the decision taken were definitely reduce the cost of doing business KCAA added.


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