Mixture of essential oil correctly classifiable under PCT 3301.1200

KARACHI: The Customs Classification Committee has notified that ‘mixture of essential oil’ (orange oil) is correctly classifiable under PCT 3301.1200.

Pursuant of order of Customs Appellate Tribunal Islamabad, MCC Islamabad forwarded matter of the classification of the product ‘mixture of essential oil’ (orange oil) for determination of appropriate PCT heading.

M/s Pepsi Cola International imported the product orange terpenes oil 17166 OTP and claimed clearance under PCT 3301.1010. the matter was subsequently referred to the Appellate Tribunal, which forwarded it to the Classification committee.

After due deliberation, the Classification Committee headed by Additional Collector Mona Mehfooz noted the product orange terpenes purified 17166 OTP in application of GRI-I is appropriately classifiable under PCT 3301.1200. The classification is issued in compliance of Appellate Tribunal and is based only on product literature provided by the importing company and concerned collectorate and will be treated as annulled, if it is found, at any subsequent stage, that the same was obtained by providing incorrect, false, misleading or incomplete information by the importer or the collectorate.

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