KARACHI: The Frontier Constabulary (FC) Baluchistan has refused to release 2000 plastic bags as advised by the Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation Quetta because Customs officials have under-reported the quantity of seized goods.

On July 05, 2017 FC seized 22 trucks from a godown of smugglers in Mastung having contraband worth millions of rupees. Of these 22 trucks four trucks having plastic bags were handed over to I&I Quetta with request to prepare the seizure report.

However, Intelligence Officer Bashir Tabassum took nine days in making the seizure report and mentioned that there were a total of 2000 bags i.e. 500 bags in each truck. On the basis of this report Customs Adjudication issued the order-in-original that the goods could be released on payment of 20 percent redemption fine along with duty and taxes of Rs3.1 million.

Subsequent to the order-in-original, Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation Quetta wrote a letter to FC that the goods may be released.

However, Maj. Hasan of FC has taken the stand that there were over 4000 bags. FC is of the view that it was FC case and Customs did fraud in that. The goods have not been released as yet and the goods are still in the custody of FC. None of the Customs officials is coming forward to claim the case.

Sources said staff of Directorate of Customs Intelligence Quetta was patronizing the smugglers and made deals with the smugglers. Staff of I&I Quetta is in contact with Mushtaq Sargana who is a retired Customs officials and he is heading the cartel of Customs Intelligence officials and making deals with smugglers. There are several complaints against Sargana lying with the FBR.

Sources said Mushtaq Sargana was the front man of a very senior I&I officer and he was calling the shots regarding transfers and postings of officials and officers to suit their nefarious designs.