KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has recovered a sum of Rs6.3 million, which M/s Eman Enterprises had evaded through clearing servo motors in the garb of sewing machine motors and parts.

Pursuant to information received from the office of Chief Collector Appraisement South Abdul Rasheed Sheikh that some importers were involved in evasion of government revenue by clearing servo motors under the garb of sewing machine and parts.

The GD was filed on self basis and it was quite difficult to detect any scam on GDs filed on self basis. Collector Saeed Akram assigned Additional Collector Yasin Murtaza and Deputy collector Ahsan Ali Shah, Principal Appraiser Shahid Rizvi, Appraising Officer Anwer Zeb and Insaram Rabbani to conduct post clearance scrutiny of the consignments was carried out which revealed that the importer namely M/s Eman Enterprises had cleared Acro Star Servo Motors under the garb of sewing machine and parts.

Servo Motors are correctly classifiable under PCT 8501.4090 with assessable value ranging from $25/item to $27.5/item depending upon the weight. When confronted, the importer deposited the short paid amount of Rs6.3 million.

The performance of MCC Port Qasim has proved that with determination and commitment, all the scammers, no matter how smart they are, can be brought to task.