KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has lodged an FIR against the owner and partner of M/s Adnan Enterprises and M/s A.A Enterprises for submitting concocted and fake NOC of PEMRA in order to clear restricted goods i.e. digital satellite receiver.

M/s. Adnan Enterprises and M/s A.A Enterprises imported consignments containing digital satellite receivers and scanned NOC purportedly issued by M/s. PEMRA Islamabad. Meanwhile, the Goods Declarations were under process, credible information was received that the above named importers had scanned fake/fabricated NOC for the clearance of consignments in question.

In the circumstances, it was felt imperative to get verified the genuineness of scanned NOC, as such, it was forwarded to M/s PEMPRA Islamabad. In response to this specific verification, M/s PEMRA categorically confirmed that the NOC provided by the importers was fake/fabricated.

After having receipt verification from M/s PEMRA Islamabad, the aforementioned consignments were thoroughly examined by the concerned examination staff of the Collectorate and was seized after completion of all required formalities.

Collector Saeed Akram along with Additional Collector Yasin Murtaza, Additional Collector Khalil Yousafani, Deputy Collectors Amjad Rajpar, Ahsan Ali Shah, Mohammad Adnan has led the collectorate quite efficiently and secured government revenue. The revenue leakages have been plugged to a considerable extent.

R&D team comprising PA Shahid Rizvi, Anwar Zeb and Rana Insaram did all the working in the case and detected the scam.