Directorate of Industries orders re-election of KCAA

KARACHI: Directorate of Industries Sindh (Registration Wing) has advised Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) to call an extra ordinary general body meeting to form care-taker committee to conduct the election as per registered by-laws of the association under the supervision of Assistant Registrar, Joint Stock Companies, Sindh.

Directorate of Industries Sindh noted that the by-laws of the association did not provide for recounting/reconciliation of election results, hence announcement of two separate results i.e. provisional results and then final results by the chief election commission was in violation of the KCAA bylaws and derogatory to the directives of the Directorate of Industries.

The KCAA Election 2017-18 became quite controversial after Yahya Mohammad of Customs Agents Group (CAG) won by one vote for the office of president against Faisal Mushtaq of Customs Agents Alliance (CAA). Contrary to the provisions of KCAA bylaws and opposition by the competing panels, the chief election commission conducted recounting of votes and issued final results according to which Faisal Mushtaq won by one vote against Yahya Mohammad for the office of president.

Subsequently, at the general body meeting on September 28, 2017, the offices of the association were handed over to the new body declared winner after the recounting of votes.

Customs Agents Group approached the Directorate of Industries complaining about the violations undertaken by the chief election commission. Now, the Assistant Registrar has ordered an extra general body meeting, formation of a care-taker committee and re-election of the association.


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