KARACHI: Rumpus marred the general body of Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA), as the offices of the association were handed over to the newly elected body.

Customs agents created uproar after the KCAA Election 2017-18 remained in the center of controversy. However, both the competing panels including Customs Agents Alliance (CAA) and Customs Agents Group (CAG) agreed on the handing over of the offices to the newly elected members.

The recounting/reconciliation of votes of the Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) Election 2017-18 reversed the provisional results. As per provisional results Mohammad Yahya of Customs Agents Group (CAG) had won the office of president with a margin of one vote, however, Faisal Mushtaq of Customs Agents Alliance (CAA) managed to win the office of president with a margin of one vote as a result of recounting of votes.

CAG is of the view that the recounting of votes and revision in results was in violation of the bylaws and contrary to the directives of Assistant Registrar of Directorate of Industries Since.  CAG leaders are also approaching the Assistant Registrar against this illegal act and said they would challenge it at every possible forum.

On the other hand, CAA is of the view that the entire process was undertaken in a transparent manner. Their leaders criticised the uproar at the general body saying the members should not have deviated from the agenda of the meeting.

CAA leaders said the opposing panel was using political influence and a parliamentarian was pressurising the assistant registrar in favor of CAG.