KARACHI: As was anticipated or some might say designed, the recounting/reconciliation of votes of the Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) Election 2017-18 reversed the provisional results. AS per provisional results Mohammad Yahya of Customs Agents Group (CAG) had won the office of president with a margin of one vote, however, Faisal Mushtaq of Customs Agents Alliance (CAA) managed to win the office of president with a margin of one vote as a result of recounting of votes.

The election became disputed and a controversial recounting held on Tuesday. When approached by CAA, Assistant Registrar of Directorate of Industries, Sindh had authorizing the Chief Election Commission to settle the issue within his powers under the by-laws. However, when approached by CAG submitting that the by-laws did not provide for any recounting/reconciliation, assistant registrar refrained the chief election commission from recounting or reconciliation of votes.

Rizwan Kaka of CAG said they had them received the order of Assistant Registrar. He said after the issuance of the second letter, the first letter stood void. However, instead of scheduled 3:00 Pm, the election commission started the process of recounting at 4:30 PM, after the representatives of CAG had left.

Kaka said Election Commission had violated the directives of Directorate of Industries and said they central leaders of CAG in a meeting would decide the future course of action.

CAA core committee member Haji Asif said the entire process of recounting was fairly transparent and no one should oppose/object that.

He said the leaders of CAG had agreed with the Election Commission to announce provisional results on September 17, and the final results would be announced on the coming Monday after recounting. Haji Asif said now they had created a dispute and didn’t keep their words.

The general body meeting will be held on September 28, 2017 and the charge would be handed over to the new elected body.

As per the revised results, Faisal Mushtaq won for the office of president, Mohammad Amin Essani won for senior vice president, Mirza Ather Beg won for Vice president, Mehmood Hasan Awan won for Assistant Vice President, Mohammad Aamir won for General Secretary, Hasan Vohra won for Joint Secretary, Rana Zahid Farooq won for Information Secretary and Munaf Jangda won for the office of finance secretary.