KARACHI: Chief Collector Appraisement South Abdul Rasheed Sheikh, in order to expedite the clearance and avoid undue delays, has formed a monitoring syste, wherein Additional Collectors of assessment groups are advised to monitor the assessment process.

In case of delays or calling the documents, the assessment officer will submit a report of delays to the Additional Collector mentioning the reasons of delay and justifying for calling the documents which resulted in delay.

The measures are aimed at eliminating corruption through installation of a proper monitoring system.

An office bearer of Customs Appraisement Officers Association posted at MCC Appraisement West had appreciated the Chief Collector for introducing reforms. Its good to introduce reforms, but the Chief Collector should look into the reality as well wherein the staff is already over-burdened, and this pressure is already reflecting into their health.

The PAs have to attend Tribunals and the time left afterwards is not sufficient enough so that they could complete their job in time.   There should be a system that assessment staff get their off at 5:00 pm, s they do not get any sort of over-time.

The official said it seemed Abdul Rasheed Sheikh was the Chief Collector of trade bodies only as all his attention was on facilitating trade and trade bodies. He said chief collector was unaware of the ground realities and added the monitoring system was already there in the computerized system.

A meeting of Appraisement Officers Association considered to call on the chief collector for better exchange of views soon.