KARACHI: The Directorate of Industries (Registration Wing) Sindh has clarified that Directorate had no jurisdiction to interfere into the affairs of association with regard to the process of reconciliation of votes.

The Chief Election Commission of Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) is therefore authorized to conduct the re-counting of votes or either form a caretaker committee in this regard.

The Chief Election Commission Mohmmad Asif Mehmood is conducting meetings with the panels that participated in the election of KCAA for the term 2017-18. A meeting was held with Customs Agents Group on Friday and a meeting was held with Customs Agents Alliance on Saturday.

The purpose of these meetings to come to a conclusion pertaining to the disputed election of the association. Following these meetings, Chief Election Commission would decide whether to conduct recounting of votes or form a caretaker committee.

It may be mentioned here that in a very close competition, Mohammad Yaha of Customs Agents Group won the office of President of the association by a margin of just one vote against Faisal Mushtaq of Customs Agents Alliance. The Alliance had then pursuing recounting of votes.