KARACHI: Customs Agents Alliance (CAA) has urged the opposing panel Customs Agents Group to facilitate re-counting of votes, as this would straighten the things and would remove all doubts in the minds of the Customs agents fraternity.

Customs Agents Alliance (CAA) presidential candidate Faisal Mushtaq has said that in order to avoid any sort of litigation, we approached election commission for the re-election. As per Customs Agents Association bylaws, re-counting can be requested within three days of the provisional results and Director Industries and Exportation can also be approached for this purpose.

“We are committed to maintain the sanctity and prestige of Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA). Both the panels should keep the Association prior to their interests,” Mushtaq said adding that the difference in votes was quite nominal and it was possible that re-counting might widen the winning gap of the successful candidate and it was possible that Faisal Mushtaq might win.

Both the candidates should facilitate the process, as this was not about win or loss, instead it was about the transparency of the electoral process.

Faisal Mushtaq said that he had warmly congratulated Mohammad Yahya of Customs Agents Group and if he stood successful after the re-counting, Mushtaq would graciously accept Yahya’s victory.