KARACHI: A bail after arrest filed by Muhammad Junaid, an importer was heard by Justice Aftab Ahmed Gorar on Monday.

Zain Jatoi advocate represented the accused who was booked by Directorate of Intelligence and Investigations, Pakistan Customs on charge of mis-declaring imported item and evading duty over rupees 5 crore in connivance with five other absconding accused/ alleged importers.

According to details, applicant/accused imported a consignment declaring the item to be broken computer parts. A scrutiny be custom officials revealed that consignment in fact comprised of mobile phones, tablets, LCD;s DVDs , DVRs etc thus depriving the national coffers of custom duty and taxes rupees 5 crore.

The DIT registered a case and arrested Junaid while his five accomplices including Zeeshan Afzal, Adnan and three unidentified accused remain absconding. The Special customs court has already rejected the bail plea of applicant/accused in custody.

Khalid Rajpar advocate represented the respondent side. The bench after hearing initial arguments on Monday adjourned further proceedings till Sept 25.