KARACHI: An appellate bench of High Court of Sindh will hear a petition filed by Messers Wellcome Pakistan in current week. The petition questions the action taken by the Custom officials by detaining The respondents include. Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan, Ministry of Interior, Director FIA Karachi. Chief Secretary, Ministery of Health, Secretary Ministry of Food and. DRAP, Karachi.

According to Khalid Rajpar advocate, counsel for petitioner Issue involved in the instant petition is about “food supplements “Centrum etc” “food supplements” from USA, the same were duly imported as per law and regulations, and cleared from Custom Authorities in year 2015.

After Importation of the food supplement items by the petitioner , petitioner was pressurized, blackmailed, and undue restrictions were forcefully imposed by FIA & DRAP, specially FIA.

Under section 3(g) of the Drugs Act 1976 “FOOD SUPPLEMENT” within legal defindation of the “Drug” as exhaustively stipulated in said section and Hence Pure Food Ordinance 160 (PFO) and Rules were made applicable to the Province of Sindh by virtue of the West Pakistan Pure Food (Sindh Amendment) Act 1973.