KARACHI: In a very tough competition at the general election of Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA), the candidate of Customs Agents Group (CAG) Yahya Mohammad clinched the office of President of the association securing 489 votes as against 488 votes of Faisal Mushtaq, candidate of Customs Agents Alliance (CAA).

This is for the first time in the history of KCAA that a candidate won with just one vote. There is likelihood that recounting of votes may be done on Monday if both the panels agree to it.

Mohammad Amin Essani of CAA got 500 votes for the office of Senior Vice President compared with 477 votes of Gulzar Shah of CAG.

Arshad Jamal Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee and Yunus Soomro of KCCI supported Customs Agents Group while Customs Agents Alliance was supported by various communities and committees within the customs agents fraternity.

Mirza Ather Beg of CAA won for Vice President with 494 votes compared with 484 votes of Mohammad Haseeb Mirza of CAG. Sohail Nisar of CAG won for Assistant Vice President with 489 votes as against 488 votes of Mehmood-ul-Hasan Awan of CAA.

Mohammad Aamir of CAA won the office of General Secretary with 500 votes while CAG’s Syed Irfan Ali Rashdi got 477 votes. Hasan Sheikh Vohra of CAA won for Joint Secretary with 499 votes compared with 477 votes of CAG’s Athar Nadir Chandna. CAA’s Rana Zahid Farooq won the office of Information Secretary with 496 votes compared with 481 votes of CAG’s Fida Hussain. Mohammad Murad Jangda of CAG got 498 votes to win the office of Finance Secretary as against 478 votes of CAG’s Mohammad Rizwan.

Abul Hasan Chokshi, Ahmad Shahzad Khan, Danish Naseer, Faheem-ul-Hasan, Iqbal Zafar Alam, Islah Ali Ansari, Kashif Anwer, Khawaja Zeeshan Iqbal, Mirza Abdul Hannan Beg, Nausheerwan Haider and Shahzad Ashraf of Customs Agents Alliance were elected for the members of Managing Committee while Sheikh Mudassir Rafiq Magoon of Customs Agents Group was elected as member Managing Committee.