KARACHI: Various customs agents’ committees have pledged their support for Customs Agents Alliance for the upcoming election of Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA).

Core Committee of Customs Agents Alliance including Shahnawaz A. Sattar, M. Siddique, Saifullah, Haji Asif, Javed Hashmi, Shakeel Anwar, Azam Malik, Asim Hafeez, Shaikh Tahir Ahmed, Abdul Khaliq Surti, Amin Essani appreciated the support of the various committees. The core committee expressed the commitment to work for the betterment of the customs agents community.

Haji Asif said the opposing panel was used to be the part of Customs Agents Alliance and all their office bearers had also served as office bearers of Customs Agents Alliance.

Haji said Iftikhar Shaikh was CAA president in 2013-14, Yunus Soomro was president in 2010-11, Yahya Mohammad was general secretary in 2012-13. Shah Zaman was CAA senior vice president in 2012-13. Qamar Alam was CAA president in 2014-15. Irfan Rashidi was CAA Information secretary in 2009-10. Masood Baig was Finance secretary of CAA in 2009-10.

Haji Asif said Alliance had nominated the above mentioned agents as office bearers of Customs Agents Alliance but these persons wanted to continue to be in the offices of Alliance and did not want others to come forward, so that they formed their separate group, but the fraternity support was with CAA and the opposing panel faced defeat last year.

The committees that extended support include Import Committee comprising Saifullah, Naseem Akhtar, Faisal Ghani, Iqbal Amin, Shaikh Waqar Nisar, Mohammad Arshad, Javed Aziz Sanwal, Shariq Vohra, Shakeel Anwar, Shaikh Tahir Ahmed.

The Export Committee comprise Abdul Khaliq surti, Noshad Ahmed, Jamil Ur Rehman, Khawaja Tahir, Gohar Mehboob, Wasiq Hussain khan.

AFU committee supported CAA comprise of  Javed A Hashmi, Asim Hafeez, Tariq Rasheed Khan, Tariq Khan, Saghir Ahmed Qureshi, Nadeem Kamil, Muhammad Sajid.

The Car Group comprise of Malik Riaz, Iqbal feroz, Rashid Khurshid, Rafiq Mama , Sajjad haider, Saad Qureshi, Mohammad Yaseen, Shafeeq ur Rahman and Shakeel paracha.

BMA group supported CAA include  Azam malik, Muhammad azam , Muhammad farooq awan, Ch M Younis, Ch Afzal, Ch Bashir, Shaikh mashood and Malik riaz.