KARACHI: The Risk Management System (RMS) has miserably failed in safeguarding the legitimate revenue of the government of Pakistan as the unscrupulous elements have found ways to manipulate with the system.

After the authorities minimized the examination of imported consignments, instances of mis-declaration, under-invoicing and misuse of Green Channel facility increased significantly. There is no check in WeBOC for stopping the Green Channel Goods Declaration where Valuation Ruling is applicable.

MCC Port Qasim has recovered a sum of Rs6.8 million from M/s Unilever as the company had cleared consignment of tea bag filter paper through Green Channel without applying the relevant Valuation Ruling.

Principal Appraiser Khalid Umer detected the case and pursued it efficiently and the recovery was made.  Another sum of Rs2.0 million was recovered which was avoided as the goods were cleared from Green Channel without applying the Valuation Ruling.

Collector Saeed Akram has issued directives to lay special focus on post release verification (PRV), so that the government’s revenue could be safeguarded.

It may be mentioned here that Green Channel facility is misused big time and a huge loss is inflicted on the national exchequer as the RMS is not fully capable to deal with the scams.

Recently, a tyre importer was found manipulating with the system as they managed to crack the criteria of examination by the system. Similarly, another consignment of refrigerators was caught wherein the imported had attempted to defraud the exchequer.