KARACHI: The import of counterfeit products into Pakistan from China including cosmetics has registered a significant surge posing a severe risk to the well being of the people as well as to the environment.

Thousands of containers are grounded at Pakistan’s ports arriving from China and the local companies or local franchises of multi-national companies cannot identify or detect influx of counterfeit products and these hazardous goods find their way into the local market.

Directorate of IPR Enforcement South is keeping strict vigil on the import of such goods and has so far detected import of counterfeit aerosol sprays, perfumes, playing cards and cosmetics.

Directorate of IPR Enforcement South has seized another consignment of counterfeit goods, which was imported from China.

On the directives of Director Amer Rashid Sheikh, Deputy Collector Hina Gul stopped a consignment stopped a consignment arrived from China, which contained Fair & Lovely cream of Indian origin as claimed by the packing of the goods.

The Directorate drew the samples and sent them to M/s Unilever. After a joint examination, it was confirmed that the goods were counterfeit, which accordingly were seized. The consignment also contained a large quantity of watches.

It was known that counterfeit cosmetic products were being imported from China and the packing was marked as if the goods were manufactured in India so that to defraud the consumers as well as the right-holder of the goods.

The Directorate would proceed with the case after the right-holder, M/s Unilever in the case of Fair & Lovely lodges the formal complaint.