KARACHI: MCC Peshawar has lodged two FIRs against two separate importers for misdeclaring origin of imported cloth and submitting forged documents for customs clearance to  circumvent the provisions of Import Policy Order (IPO) 2016.

Director General Intelligence and Investigation (Customs)-FBR had conveyed information that Indian origin Polyester Grey Fabric was cleared from Dryport, Peshawar in the garb of Chinese origin fabric by manipulating the relevant import documents.

In pursuance of the said information data of imports effected from Dryport Peshawar was retrieved from WeBOC  and the examination of data transpired that M/s Gulistan Weaving Mills and M/s M.S Enterprise cleared consignments of ‘Polyester Grey Fabric’ falling under PCT Heading 5407.5100 from Dryport, Peshawar.

The import documents available in WeBOC data base used for clearance of the aforesaid goods were retrieved and examined. The scrutiny informed that the aforementioned consignments were shipped from Jebel Ali, UAE. The certificate of origin issued by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and certified by Dubai Chamber of Commerce Industry were furnished by the importers and relied upon by customs for authentication of origin of goods.

On further inspection, it is found that aforesaid certificate of origin purportedly issued from China is totally irrelevant in context of aforesaid goods since the same has not been mentioned or referred in any of the import documents furnished against clearance of the impugned consignment.

Investigations found that M/s Gulistan Weaving Mills and M/s M.S Enterprises attempted to clear Indian origin polyester fabric, which is banned to be imported under IPO 2016.