KARACHI: Bonded carriers have started making booking for transportation of consignments for NLC Terminal Thokar Niaz Beg after successful negotiations with NLC Terminal operator.

Shams Burney and Sajjad Bukhari representing All Pakistan Bonded Carriers Association told Customnews.pk that the booking for NLC Terminal had been stopped a couple of days earlier as NLC was not accepting the (carrier) lien on the cargo resulting in losses to the bonded carriers.

Bonded carriers association represented by Chaudry ali Akbar held a meeting with Lt. Col. Omar Zeeshan at NLC terminal Thokar Niaz Beg, which was also attended by Additional Collector Azmat Tahira, Deputy Collector Saqin-ur-Rehman.

Terminal operator agreed to link handing over of goods to the importers with the presentation of bonded carrier’s delivery order, which has secured the revenue of the transporters.

The terminals at the dry port Lahore were delivering the transshipment cargo to the consignee or their clearing agent in violation of the general rule of “Right of Lien” of the “Carriers”.

A delivery order is a document issued by the carrier to release the cargo to the consignee. The issuance of delivery order signifies the end of the shipment cycle of that shipment and once the Delivery Order issued the lien of carrier is considered discharge and accomplished.