KARACHI: Directorate of IPR Enforcement has clarified that the Directorate made all the cases on complaints received from stakeholders and secured bank guarantees of at least Rs0.5 million from the complainants before taking any action.

Director Aamir Rasheed Shaikh told Customnews.pk that they received complaints regarding import of counterfeit products from local manufacturers, authorized distributors and various collectorates. He said as per law a bank guarantee of at least Rs0.5 million or 25 percent of the value of the allegedly infringing consignment was secured in all the cases.

Directorate of IPR Enforcement also had the authority to initiate suo moto proceedings to safeguard the interests and well being of consumers against counterfeit products.

M/s Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan filed an IPR enforcement application against a consignment of insecticide spray bearing trademark ‘Mortein’ imported by M/s M.A Corporation from Hong Kong currently in the course of processing by MCC Appraisement East.

A joint examination of the said container was conducted by the representatives of MCC Appraisement East and Directorate of IPR Enforcement, which found 25,560 cans (400 ML each) of the allegedly infringing goods.

Samples of the goods were drawn from container and submitted to the Directorate. Scrutiny of the goods revealed Mortein duly figures in the recordation database (IPO Pakistan repository of trademarks) as a trademark allotted to the right-holder in NICE classification. The trade mark Mortein printed on the infringing goods is completely identical to that of the original, though the printing is inferior in addition to the artwork and tag line ‘powergard’ in the infringing goods.

A representative of M/s Reckitt Benckiser informed tag line of ‘powergard’ appearing on infringing goods had been discontinued since long and did not appear on original products anymore.

After detailed deliberations, Directorate of IPR Enforcement established the imported goods were counterfeit, which were duly seized.