KARACHI: The Customs Classification Committee has found HS Code 2710.1949 as appropriate for the classification of Hydro Carbon Petroleum Distillate.

MCC Preventive Karachi forwarded a reference to Classification Centre for classification of the product with description as Hydro Carbon Petroleum Distillate (In Bulk), imported by M/s Reliance Importers & Exporters, Karachi claiming classification under HS Code 2710.1919 (others). The Collectorate classified the goods under HS Code 2710.1250 (solvent oil non-composite).

The matter was also forwarded by the Board with direction to furnish report in the matter within 15 days. Accordingly, the meeting of Classification Committee was held  and importer, along with his advisor, attended the meeting.

After the conclusion of the meeting, importer again submitted a representation enclosing another test report from Industrial Analytical Center. HEJ Lab, Karachi relating to their another consignment for the deliberation of the Committee without the knowledge/consent of the referring Collectorate or the Classification Committee. In view of this representation, another meeting of Committee was held, which was attended by the importer along with his consultant.

After the meeting, while the issuance of Public Notice was under process, importer also filed a complaint before the Federal Tax Ombudsmen (FTO) against discriminatory treatment by MCC Preventive, Karachi, wherein importer also held Chairman Classification as respondent in-person. In final hearing, the Advisor to FTO heard, in detail, arguments of importer’s representative regarding appropriate classification of goods and verbally directed the Committee to give a fresh hearing to the importers, consider their submissions put forth before the advisor to FTO regarding classification of goods.

After detailed deliberation of the case, Chairman Classification Committee Additional Collector Haris Ansari concluded that the impugned good i.e. Hydro Carbon Petroleum Distillate is appropriately classifiable under HS Code 2710.1940, as the goods are mixture of distillates and not Furnace Oil and Petroleum Top Naphtha, hence, appropriately classifiable under PCT heading 2710.1949 for other fuel oils through application of GIRI .