KARACHI: The Directorate of IPR Enforcement–Customs has ordered confiscation of fabric (counterfeit trademark goods) imported by M/s Millat Fabrics, as the imported conceded for the outright confiscation of the goods in favor of the government of Pakistan.

This was the first infringement case which Director Amir Rasheed Shaikh had made and the accused importer surrendered. Therefore, the referring authority i.e. MCC Appraisement West is advised to take consequential action with reference to the offending goods. however, there would be no fine and penalty.

According to the details, M/s Millat Fabrics imported a consignment of polyester lining fabric from China. On physical examination, the consignment was found to contain polyester lining fabric including 1120 kgs of fabric bearing trade mark ‘Samsonite’ printed on it.

Additional Director Sadia Sheraz at MCC Appraisement West found it to be a case of potentially counterfeit trademark goods and forwarded the case to Directorate of IPR Enforcement. There was a minor difference in the artistic work in the manner and style of trademark ‘Samsonite’ producing a visually deceptive impression of the original trademark.

The use of trademark Samsonite without consent of the right-holder M/s Samsonite IP Holdings, Luxembourg by M/s Millat Fabrics falls within the prohibitive scope of Section 15(C) of the Customs Act.

Deputy Director Hina Gul and Mehmood Shah pursued the case.

Subsequently, the owner of goods i.e. M/s Millat Fabrics applied for confiscation of the offending goods and the case was closed.