KARACHI: Customs Intelligence & Investigation is keeping strict vigilance on the import of iron and steel sheets to avert fraudulent clearance of the goods and revenue leakage as there would be increased load of import consignments given the fiscal year end closing near.

Sources said the Intelligence officials have identified M/s E-Movers, M/s Bismillah Industries, M/s BBJ Pipes and eight more importers, who have been involved in fiscal frauds before and there are reports that some big scam is being designed abusing 6th Schedule and 8th Schedule in the last month of the fiscal year.

The customs circles are stunned by the measures taken by Chief Collector Appraisement South Abdul Rasheed Shaikh in the name of trade facilitation as these measures apparently are facilitating frauds and evasion. Abdul Rasheed Shaikh is said to be an honest and reputed officer. However, the steps he has been taking prove otherwise.

It may be recalled that Additional Collector Saleem Memon ordered deletion of the contravention of M/s Bismillah Industries while Chief Collector Abdul Rasheed Shaikh removed the contravention report against M/s BBJ Pipes so that their green channel profile could not be damaged. Both these companies had been found violating certain provisions of law to evade government revenue.

Abdul Rasheed Shaikh has a particular interest in the iron and steel consignments and his brother Mansoor Shaikh of M/s E-Movers Pvt Ltd is said to be his front man. M/s E-Movers is nominated in several FIRs and has been found involved in crimes of heinous nature. However, no action was taken against the brother of Chief Collector Appraisement South.

Customs officials who made a case and served contravention report on M/s E-Movers or the clients of M/s E-Movers had to pay price for doing their job as they were victimized in the form of transfers and bad postings.

Sources said officers/officials making cases against M/s E-Movers or the clients of M/s E-Movers were being victimized in the form of transfers and blocking of their WeBOC user ID, which has created an environment wherein officers and officials are reluctant to make cases against the wrongdoings of M/s E-Movers Pvt Ltd and its clients.