KARACHI: Directorate of Transit Trade has lodged a complaint with Commandant Port Security Force (PSF) for physically assaulting on-duty officials of the Directorate of Transit Trade and obstructing them in discharge of their official duties.

According to details of the case,

Nafees-u-Din Qureshi and Khurram Rafique Custom officers of Directorate of Transit Trade went to the OP-III yard for the examination of a Crane lying there for the customs clearance. The PSF staff posted at gate demanded official identification of Customs which was shown to them. The PSF guards did not accept the official identification and told them to get the entry done in their register.

Since the officers were on their official duty and possessed official cards, the subject demand of the gate staff was not mandatory. Thus, the aforereferred Customs officers told the gate staff that the demand to get their particulars entered in register was unwarranted. Resultantly, PSF guards namely Saleem, Yousuf, Incharge Nasim and others crossed all limits, snatched office cards and mobile phones followed by a physical assault on them. They kept the officers under illegal detention for half an hour.

In the complaint to Commandant PSF, Directorate of Transit Trade notes this act is highly objectionable and tantamount to Criminal act.

Section 14A of the Customs Act legally binds port authorities to provide adequate security to the Customs staff in discharge of official duties. This shameful act of the PSF guards attract strict action in terms of Section 156(1) 85 (a) of the Customs Act, 1969.

The senior officers of Customs House have taken a serious view of the situation and have sought a report on the matter. Commandant PSF is advised to take strict action against those involved in this heinous act and submit a report.

Directorate of Transit Trade has also advised General Manager (Operations) of KPT to take strict legal action against the delinquent PSF officials.