KARACHI: Gul Rehman is the best thing that ever happened to the Directorate of Post Clearance Audit (PCA) as he truly made the Directorate a watchful eye over the Customs assessment.

Despite the fact PCA plays an instrumental role in securing government revenue, this directorate is the most ignored by the high-ups. PCA is short of staff, short of resources and working in tough conditions without any proper incentives, rewards and appreciation.

Post Clearance Audit (PCA) is the eye of Customs appraisement as it checks under-invoicing, mis-declaration and misuse of concessionary regime setting benchmarks to secure government revenue for the longer run. Director PCA Gul Rehman has improved the directorate making it resilient it never was. Deputy Director Sajid Baloch is equally dedicated and competent, together with Director Gul Rehman, they have closed almost all the doors of revenue evasion.

The Directorate of Post Clearance, Karachi Audit has made remarkable performance in the month of March 2017 and detected 37 cases involving revenue of Rs204.512 million.

Directorate of Post Clearance Audit under the able leadership of Director Gul Rehman and Deputy Director Sajid Baloch detected cases pertaining to short payment of customs duty and sales tax/WHT because of inadmissible concessions; short payment of anti-dumping duty, additional sales tax, FED and income tax.

The Directorate served 21 Audit observations and 16 contravention reports during February 2017 involving total of duty and taxes of Rs204.512 million.