KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has detected evasion of over Rs61 million on account of levy of provisional anti-dumping duty on dumped imports of wall and floor tiles into Pakistan originating in and exported from China.

According to details, an information has been received that some unscrupulous elements are misdeclaring name of their Wall/Floor Tiles Supplier from China in order to avoid imposition of correct rate of anti dumping duty.

It was also learnt that the correct name of supplier may be ascertained from EIF (Electronic Import Form) submitted by the importer at the time of filing of GD.

National Tariff Commission of Pakistan (NTC) has imposed anti-dumping duties on the imports of Wall and Floor tiles originating in and/or exported from the Peoples Republic of China.

China Import clearance data of Wall/Floor tiles under PCT 69.08 for the period 18.02.2017 to 10.05.2017, has been obtained from PRAL.

Mismatch of supplier name was found on 7 GDs as compared to beneficiary name in EIFs.  The anti-dumping duty was short levied and an amount of Rs.8.979 on account of anti-dumping is recoverable.

It is surprised to note that 36 GDs pertaining to 25 importers were not subjected to anti-dumping duty despite no restraining order was in field in these GDs. An amount of Rs.52.076 million is  recoverable on account of anti-dumping duty.

National Tariff commission had imposed anti-dumping duty on wall/floor tiles originating in or exported from China in the range of 5.21 percent to 59.18 percent.

The shipments of tiles are routed from Dubai and the elements involved in the crime switched Bill of Lading declaring the name of supplier on which the anti-dumping duty is lowest. The rate of anti dumping duty is 5.21 percent on M/s Huida Sanitary Ware Company Limited and 6.82 percent on M/s Foshan Hexichuangzhan Ceramics Company Limited.

Most imports of tiles from China are being declared to be from these two suppliers. Interestingly, these two companies are not even aware that such large shipments are being made to Pakistan in their name. Actually these shipments are from Chinese companies on which the highest rate of anti-dumping duty is slapped.

Collector Appraisement East Ashad Jawad formed a team comprising Principal Appraiser Hamood-ur-Rehman, Preventive Officer Malak Hashim to investigate the case.