KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has advised M/s Zealcon Engineering (Pvt) Ltd to surrender the dump trucks to the collectorate as the Ministry of Commerce has confirmed that second hand/used trucks of all sorts older than five years are not importable under temporary scheme.

M/s Zealcon Engineering however did not surrendered the vehicles despite the undertaking submitted by them that the vehicles would be surrendered within 48 hours of the receipt of notice from customs.

M/s Zealcon Engineering imported a consignment of old and used Volvo Articulated Dump Trucks (02 Units) from UAE and claimed clearance under PCT heading 8429.1900 under temporary importation scheme claiming concessionary rate of duty vide SRO 450(1)/2001.

On physical examination, the manufacturing year of the truck were found as 2007 and correctly classifiable under PCT heading 8704.1090. As per Import Policy Order, old and used dump truck older than five years is not allowed to be imported.

Importer contested that import of used dump trucks older than 5 years are allowed for temporary import in terms of para-12(a) of Import Policy Order. In this regard, it is pointed out that the referred provisions allow temporary import-cum-export of all new or used plant machinery and equipment including specialized machinery by the construction companies or firms or oil and gas companies, oil exploration and production companies, mining companies and their authorized or approved contractors etc.

The collector Appraisement East was of the view that the trucks were imported in violation of Import Policy Order and should be out rightly confiscated. However, Chief Collector Appraisement South ordered release of the trucks on deposit of amount equivalent to the value of trucks and leviable duty and taxes amounting Rs18.2 million, thereon.

Meanwhile, a clarification was sought from the Ministry of Commerce about the importability of the vehicles and M/s Zealcon Engineering gave an undertaking to surrender the vehicles on notice of Customs in case Ministry does not approve the release of dump trucks.

Subsequently, Ministry of Commerce confirmed that the imported vehicles were not allowed to be imported as such these were cleared in violation of the Import Policy Order.

Customs advised the importer to surrender the trucks in April 2017, however M/s Zealcon Engineering did not surrendered the vehicles before customs.

M/s Zealcon is said to be a CPEC contractor, a iron and steel importer as well as a bonded carrier.

Sources said the vehicles are specialized dump trucks and their value was much higher than the declared value. It was known the pay order of Rs18.2 million were accepted without any market inquiry about the value of vehicles.

Sources said would have been registered by now and the surrender of these dump trucks was next to impossible.