KARACHI: A constitutional petition filed by Messers Ori-Tech, a private limited company seeking registration as a bona-fide “manufacturer” was allowed by a division bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Justice Aqeel AhmedAbbasi and Justice Arshad Hussain Khan.

The petitioner CEO of Ori Tech, Muhammad Ahmed moved the SHC maintaining that company is engaged in a business of manufacturing Petroleum Products through “Toll  Manufacturing Arrangement” with a vendor company. With the brand name Ori Tech, the company makes lubricants used for industrial purpose in plants, machinery etc

Citing the Manager, Registration, Central Registration Office, Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited or PRAL, Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue RTO-I, Collector Customs, Karachi and federation through Member,In-land Revenue as respondent, the petitioner maintained that since inception, petitioner company applied to Inland Revenue officials for registering the company as “manufacturer” but on one or another pretext such requests were denied without assigning any reason.

The respondent maintained that they undertook mandatory exercise of physical verification of the premises but could not found machinery or. activity to establish manufacturing of goods.

The bench however after hearing the arguments from both si —–Message truncated—–