KARACHI: The Sindh High Court has ordered release of consignments of M/s Ayan Enterprises on deposit of cash and securities equivalent to the differential amount of duty and taxes. M/s Ayan Enterprises was represented by Faisal Ghani of M/s Franklin Law Associates.

The High Court advised the importer one quarter of the differential amount in cash with the Nazir of the court and securities for the rest of the differential amount which comes at Rs5.09 million for three consignments imported by M/s Ayan Enterprises.

According to the details of the case, M/s. Ayan Enterprises had imported consignment declared to contain BGF brand, Hydraulic Cylinders for Automotive Vehicles and Brake/wheel/Clutch/Cylinders for fork lifters from Taiwan. The importers electronically filed Goods Declaration for clearance thereof, by self-assessing and paying upfront duty and taxes amounting to Rs.589,991.

The consignment was selected for physical examination on the basis of declarations and electronically uploaded import documents. On physical examination, the printed part numbers pasted on packing of goods were tallied with manufacturers catalog of BGF of Taiwan. The Goods Declaration was accordingly processed in the light of examination report and the provided catalogue which was also available on the website of the said manufacturer.

In the meantime, while the goods were still lying at the Port/KICT within the jurisdiction of the Collectorate, a credible information was received to the effect that the importer was attempting to clear the goods/parts meant for auto vehicles in garb of machinery/fork lifter parts to evade the duty and taxes.

In order to confirm the authenticity of the information the container was re-examined at KICT and through market enquiry from the local shop keepers/dealers of auto-parts, it was confirmed that the goods contained auto parts for Toyota vehicles.