KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has assigned the newly appointed 61 appraising officers and valuation officer on on-job training at various sections without their proper training, which opens doors for possible blunders.

It may be mentioned here that 37 fresh appraising and valuation officers have been appointed at MCC Appraisement East and 08 such officers at MCC Port Qasim. However, these two collectorates have not assigned them on-job training.

Ten officers including Waqar Khan, Ziafatullah, Ali Nawaz Khan, Rooh ul Amin, Mohammad Riaz, Arif Hussain Rizvi, Tausif Ahmed, Babar Raza, Sajad Ali and Aif Jamal are assigned at Auction. Mohammad Akhtar, ADil Javed, Shahzad Ahmed, Hamza Rauf Chishti and Faisal Bashir are assigned at Law Branch.

Asim Abbas, Mohammad Atif Fawad, SHahzad Alam, Adnan Zawar, Shahzada Ameen Ahmed, Junaid Hashmat, Zaheer Ashraf,  Mohammad Imran Umar, Prithvi Suresh and Waqas Ahmed are assigned at Recovery Cell. Mohammad Raheel, Wasif Waliullah, Ibtissam Ghulamullah, SAyis Amir Raza and Shahid Mushtaq are assigned at B.G Cell.

Dowlat Khan, Nauman Khalil, Zia ur Rehman, Ali Raza, Syed Siddiqullah, Syed Asrar Aslam, Akhtar Abbas, Imran Aslam, Noor Qasim Khan and Jawahar Abbas are assigned at Bonds. Zeeshan Qamar, FAiz Ahmed Faiz, Zakaullah Durrani and Fayyaz Ahmed are assigned at Tribunal. Attyaur Rehman is assigned at FTO.

Mohammad Yusuf, Amirzeb Khan, Raja Shakeel, Arif Ali Qureshi, Faraz Ahmed, Abdul Majeed, Mir Hammad Khan, Naqeebullah, Adeel Shahab, Mohammad Inayatullah, Najeeb Abid, FAseehuddin, Abdul Jabbar, Wasiullah Mohammad Zafar Arshad and Imran Khan have been posted for on-job training in Examination section.

Posting of fresh appointees and without proper training at the Examination Section is being criticized as this is a very sensitive department and a minor mistake can cause loss to the exchequer as well as jeopardize the very carrier of these fresh appointees.

It may be mentioned here that these officers were earlier assigned at Directorate of Training & Research for initial training, but due to shortage of funds, Directorate could not conduct the training sessions.