Regulatory duty of 60 percent proposed on new vehicles above 1800cc

KARACHI: In order to facilitate trade and secure government’s legitimate revenue, MCC Appraisement East has recommended certain changes in Customs Rules and several SROs in their proposals for the Federal Budget 2017-18.

The Federal Government levied Regulatory Duty at 50 percent on new vehicles above 1800cc engine capacity (excluding Hybrid Electric Vehicles) vide amending SRO 1190(I)/2015 whereas the old & used vehicles of same engine capacity are subject to levy of RD of 60 percent. Keeping in view the increasing trend of import of new vehicles, it is proposed that the rate of Regulatory Duty on new vehicles may be brought at par with the existing rate of 60 percent applicable on old & used vehicles. This will not only eliminate the disparity but also yield additional revenue for the National Exchequer.

Samples are not being drawn in DTRE and GDs are being processed through Green Channel and Yellow Channel.

It is proposed samples of imported input goods and output goods meant for export shall be drawn at the time of import and export, respectively in the presence of Assistant Collector or Deputy Collector, incharge of concerned Customs station, which shall be signed by such Assistant Collector or Deputy Collector and DTRE approval number and date shall be endorsed thereon. However, In case of import through PaCCS, clearance based upon profile through Yellow or Green Channel, samples will not be drawn.

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