Importers, agents advised to upload relevant documents with GD

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has strictly advised importers and clearing agents to upload relevant documents in the computerized clearing system at the time of filing of Goods Declaration.

In a circular, the Collectorate noted it has been observed during the post clearance scrutiny of data that instructions issued for uploading of relevant import documents at the time of filing of Goods Declaration are not bring complied with by certain importers / clearing agents, which constitutes violation of certain provisions of the Customs Act, 1969.

It is reiterated that under the afore-going provisions of the law, the GD filer is responsible for making true and correct declaration which in absence of the legally required legal documentation remains an incomplete declaration entailing such GD-filer liable to legal proceedings.

To avail optimum benefit of automation for prompt clearance of goods, the trade in general and importers and clearing agents in particular are again advised to file the Goods Declaration correctly giving therein complete and correct particulars and specifications of goods as well as uploading supporting documents invariably at the time of filing Goods Declaration.

The mandatory documents include (a) Original bill of lading; (b) Commercial invoice; & (c) Packing list showing quantity and net weight of each item. In case of import consisting of more than one container, container-wise packing list shall be scanned showing quantity and net weight of each item.

Additional documents wherever applicable include (a) Letter of Credit; (b) Catalogue / Literature; (c) FTA/PTA certificate; (d) Invoice duly verified etc.

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