KARACHI: The Prime Minister House has superseded 12 Inland Revenue Service (IRS) officers and six Pakistan Customs Service (PCS) officers of Grade-19 depriving them of promotions, moreover these officers would remained deprived of promotion for the next at least two years.

These officers are highly dissatisfied with the decision of the high-ups and demand that they must be apprised of the reasons and rationale behind such a decision. Unless these officers are informed of the reasons behind their supersession. These officers have already started contacting counselors in case the decision of their supersession needs to be challenged before the court of law.

The IRS offices of Grade-19, which have been superseded include Azizuddin Ahmed, Muhammad Waseem Altaf, Mirza lmtiaz Ahmed, Khalid Javed, Tariq Mustafa Khan, Dr. Tauqeer Irtiza, Hyder Ali Dharejo, Afaque Ahmad Qureshi, Kazi Afzal, Dr. Muhammad Idrees, Bashir  Ahmad Kalwar and Muhammad Khalid Malik.

The PCS officers of Grade-19 who have been superseded include Iqbal Bhawana, Imtiaz Ahmad Sh.,  Nasrullah Khan Wazir, Dr. Akhtar Hussain, Mohammad Adnan Akram and Khalid Hussain Jamali.

Apart from superseding the above mentioned officers several officers have been deferred for next year’s Central Selection Board (CSB) meeting. It is beyond understanding that highly reputed and competent officers have been deferred.

Although, the promoted officers particularly of  Pakistan Customs and Inland Revenue are deserving candidates and have rightly been promoted but the officers deferred or referred back for reconsideration are equally competent and in some instances these deferred and referred back for reconsideration officers are even better and have delivered exceptional performance such as Director General Customs Valuation Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Director Customs Valuation Wasif Memon, Director PCA Gul Rehman, Director Transit Trade Wajid Ali,  Director Training Zeba Bashir Ahmed, Chief Customs Faiz Ahmed and some others.

Leaving honest and efficient officers behind raises the question whether the Central Selection Board (CSB) and Prime Minister House were pursuing their pre-election agenda through favoritism and nepotism.

The IRS officers of Grade-20 deferred for next year include Muhammad Ali, Shoaib Ahmad Sethi and Ms. Naheed Azhar. The IRS officers of Grade-19 deferred for next year include Ms. Lubna Ayub Asif, Rizwan Ahmad Urfi, Muhammad Nasser Janjua, Hasnain Brohi, Aijaz Ahmad Khan Yousafzai and Muhammad Shaukat Hayat Cheema.

The PCS officers of Grade-20 deferred for next year include Khawar Farid Maneka and Zia Uddin Wazir. The PCS officers of Grade-19 deferred for next year include Gul Rehman, Aamir Rasheed Sheikh, Mirza Mubashir Baig, Muhammad Akram Ch., Ms. Iram Maqbool Aamir, Malik Kamran Azam Khan, Mumtaz Ali Khoso, and Shafique Ahmad Latki.