SHC orders production of vehicle allegedly involved in smuggling

KARACHI: ordered Pakistan Customs Preventive to produce a vehicle before the Nazir of SHC on Marh 02.

The order came during hearing of a constitution petition filed by Muhammad rehan owner of a Nissan Truck seized by the ASO on ground that it was used for carrying smuggled goods.

ASO allegedly during a raid found Audionic electronics including head phones, speakers, devices, LED TVs, Aluminium foils, auto parts etc from the seized truck. The petitioner challenged the seizure of the truck after Special Customs Appellate Tribunal ruled in his favor.

The SHC today after hearing the counsel for petitioner and Masooda Siraj advocate, counsel for Pakistan Customs, Preventive ordered the department to being the seized vehicle and hand it over into custody of Nazir of SHC by March 02.

Pakistan Customs is refusing release of the vehicle on ground that it was used for carrying goods mis-declared by the importer and there fore the impugned action by the custom officials was in accordance with the law.

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