PM House returns CSB recommendations with objections

KARACHI: The Prime Minister House has raised several objections on the report of Central Selection Board (CSB), which recommended promotion of civil servants of Pakistan, sources said.

The CSB in the light of orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan forwarded its recommendations to the PM House. However, the PM House conducted its own inquiry and verification in respect of the CSB recommendations, which found that several officers of questionable reputation had been recommended for promotion.

Moreover, officers against whom, the intelligence agencies had made unfavorable observations were also recommended for promotion and deserving officers were not included in the list of officers recommended for promotion such as Iqbal Muneeb of Customs officers. Such officers are not considered by CSB due to unfounded rumors and now they have become juniors to their juniors.

The PM House has marked the CSB report with its reservations and objections and sent back the report back to Central Selection Board.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan in a decision dated December 01, 2016 in the constitutional appeals (CAs) pertaining to the Promotion Policy of Civil Servants advised the Establishment Division to hold central selection board (CSB) meeting within 15 days.

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