KARACHI: MCC Preventive Karachi has lodged an FIR against one Mujahid Ahmed Khan s/o Sikandar Khan for attempting to smuggle mobile phones.

The accused was spotted at Jinnah International Airport while he was misusing the facility of Green Channel along with his baggage comprising of one Shoulder bag who had arrived from Dubai via Sharjah by Air Arabia Airline.

The passenger, was asked by the IPS Fazal Ahmed Samoo at Green Channel to declare whether he was carrying any contraband goods in his baggage or on his person, to which, he replied in negative.

However, being dissatisfied wih his declaration, he was diverted to Baggage Scanning Machine along-with his baggage, where scanned images indicated the presence of mobile phones in his shoulder bag.

Subsequently, his baggage was diverted to examination counter for detailed examination, which led to the recovery of 174 mobile phones of various brands including Samsung, LG, Vega and Sol.

The goods have been seized and the accused was arrested and FIR was lodged accordingly.