Colgate Palmolive Pakistan contests reference values of toothbrushes

KARACHI: M/s Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited has challenged the legal standing of Valuation Database Letter (VDB) and subsequent ‘Audit Observation’ served on the company by Pakistan Customs.

It is clarified that all goods of the Colgate-Palmolive (Pakistan) Limited are imported through banking channel at the true transaction values.

The values given in the VDB letter no.32 are not the notified values under Section 25-A of the Customs Act, 1969 and hence are not legally binding, it said.

Moreover, no evidential data/GD, market enquiry report, on-line prices etc. have been provided by the Post Clearance Audit (Customs) in support of their findings pertaining to the short-payment of government revenue by M/s Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited

It may be mentioned here, the company has already approached the relevant authority requesting withdrawal of the value of Colgate brand toothbrushes given in VDB letter no. 32 or provide evidential data / GDs, market enquiry report, method adopted to arrive at C&F values, on-line values etc. for proper rebuttal of allegation about the mis-declaration of values.

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