Pakistan Customs deploys Export Oriented module in WeBOC

KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue has notified guidelines for the implementation of WeBOC export oriented unit (EOU) module.

Directorate of Reforms and Automation (Customs) has deployed the Export Oriented Unit (EOU) module in WeBOC system. Training sessions in this regard have already been held for the staff of Export Colleotoratos and Exporters (EOU Licensees) / Customs Agents.

This module will be rolled out for operation and implementation effective from February 28, 2017.

New EOU licenses are to be issued through WeBOC System and the applicants are required to apply on-line through WeBOC system with all necessary information and documentation. EOU license application filing and approval process by the Regulatory Collectorates has been provided in the system, starting from the processing Officer (AO) to the final approval authority (Collector) for a new license.

Temporary functionality has been developed in the system for AO (License) of the Regulatory Collectorate to feed and upload existing Licenses along with required mandatory documents. The validation of existing licenses in the new module necessary for future reconciliation of imports and exports made by the existing licenses in WeBOC.

The Regulatory Collectorates are required to upload the existing licenses along with description and corresponding as already approved and included in the licenses of its jurisdiction. Coordination and cooperation of the License holders is needed to avoid errors.

After uploading of existing licenses in WeBOC system, the EOU licensees will be able to feed and upload their a ready approved Analysis Cards in the WeBOC system with coordination and monitoring by the Regulatory Collectorates.

The approved EOU licensee shall be required to obtain ‘Warehouse User ID from AC/DC – user ID of jurisdiction (e.g. – Appraisement East for Karachi.

Provision for application of new analysis certificate by the regulatory collectorates on their own or on the basis of IOCO/EDB recommendation has been made available in the system. Provision for application to amend the particulars of EOU licenses has also been provided.

The approved Licensee shall file EOU – Type GD for import of authorized goods in WeBOC. Filing of safe transportation (ST) GD on EOU Licensed warehouse for upcountry based units has been provided which shall be processed by relevant import collectorate where ST GD has been filed.

Provision for filing of EOU export GDs with  mandatory binding of Analysis certificate hs been made available in the system.

Submission of monthly item wise report shall be furnished by the EOU licensee to the Regulatory Collectorate through WeBOC system. For the time being adjudication and recovery detected by the Regulatory Collectorate as a result of audit / scrutiny will continue as per existing manual system as the EOU Module only allows reconciliation / payment against specific import GD.

During transition period to the new module in WeBOC system, the reconciliation of EOU import GDs already cleared in One-Customs is not part of the new EOU module and shall be required to be done manually as per past practice. Securities obtained against such imports are to be released/encashed in One Customs System according to manual procedure as per rules. However, exports can be made in new module against such imports already made in One Customs system.

One Customs system for import under EOU scheme shall continue till February 28, 2017.

LCL exports from upcountry Dry pens shall be continued in One Customs until LCL Export module tor Dry Ports in weBoc system is operationalized.

According to Chief Collector Mohammad Zahid, the export oriented units are required to depute their representatives well versed with the procedure in the Regulatory Collectorate.

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